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Israeli mother Addresses European Parliament

October 6th, 2010 1 comment

A wonderful speech. Searingly succinct, painfully precise and the courage to tell it like it is to the right crowd.

This was taken from : Jews For Justice For Palestinians

Dear Friends,

Dr. Nurit Peled-Elhanan is the mother of Smadar Elhanan, 13 years old when killed by a suicide bomber in Jerusalem in September 1997. Below is Nurit’s speech made on International Women’s Day in Strasbourg earlier this month. Please listen to the words of a bereaved mother, whose daughter fell victim to a vicious, indiscriminating terrorist attack. I wish her words will enter the hearts of all peace seekers in our troubled and divided world.

For better days,
Professor Avraham Oz Department of Hebrew and Comparative Literature University of Haifa

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International Burn The Quran Day – A Beautiful Response

September 7th, 2010 9 comments

Stumbled upon a beautiful response posted by Hassan Yaghi on the site Skeptic Money

Hassan Yaghi says:
August 27, 2010 at 6:04 PM
Open letter to: Terry Jones of Dove Outreach Ministries

“Do you want to burn the Quran?”

If you want to burn the Quran I invite you to read it first.

Then it is your choice to proceed; You will figure out that:

You will be burning Adam and Noah, Abraham and Issac, Jacob and Josef, David and Salomon, Moses and John….and all prophets and saints
You will be burning Jesus and his saint spirit ….
You will be burning Mary and her baby ….
You will be burning the Torah and the Bible ….

Go ahead
Burn the light to satisfy your darkness….
Burn the love to satisfy your hatred….
Burn the peace to satisfy your anger….
Burn the compassion to satisfy your cruelty….
Burn the knowledge to satisfy your ignorance….

Do all the above in your heart only….
Oh wait; would you still have a heart after the above?! Would you be Christian or Jewish, would you be even human?!

The Quran won’t be affected of what you would do, because the creator said about it:
“Surely We have revealed the Reminder and We will most surely be its guardian.” 15-9

You would burn the papers of the Quran, but even by burning it, it will show light… to all man kind.

It will keep saying: “Their intention is to extinguish God’s Light with their mouths: But GOD will complete His Light, even though the Unbelievers may detest (it).”61-9

And it will keep saying: “And the servants of the Beneficent God are they who walk on the earth in humbleness, and when the ignorant address them, they say: Peace!”25-63


Hassan Yaghi, Seattle, Wa
Aug 26, 2010

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Habib Umar – A Common Word 2008

January 7th, 2010 1 comment
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Habib Umar speaking in an event organized by The Radical Middleway in 2008 titled “Do we need a common word?” (click here to view entire event).

A Common Word is an initiative to build bridges with other faiths endorsed by many scholars from the east and west. Below is an excerpt from their official website.

On October 13th 2006, one month to the day after Pope Benedict XVI’s Regensburg address of September 13th 2006, 38 Islamic authorities and scholars from around the world, representing all denominations and schools of thought, joined together to deliver an answer to the Pope in the spirit of open intellectual exchange and mutual understanding. In their Open Letter to the Pope (see english.pdf), for the first time in recent history, Muslim scholars from every branch of Islam spoke with one voice about the true teachings of Islam.
Exactly one year after that letter, on October 13th 2007 Muslims expanded their message. In A Common Word Between Us and You, 138 Muslim scholars, clerics and intellectuals have unanimously come together for the first time since the days of the Prophet r to declare the common ground between Christianity and Islam. Like the Open Letter, the signatories to this message come from every denomination and school of thought in Islam. Every major Islamic country or region in the world is represented in this message, which is addressed to the leaders of all the world’s churches, and indeed to all Christians everywhere.

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Shaykh Sulaiman Moola – Last Moments of Rasullah (SAW)

December 24th, 2009 No comments

Shaykh Sulaiman Moola at a RIS conference a couple of years ago.
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Fish Tale

December 21st, 2009 No comments


Two fish were swimming when they saw a piece of meat dangling before them.

The younger fish darted toward it with an open mouth.

The older fish cried out, “Stop! You can’t see it, but there is a hook inside that meat. It is connected by an invisible line to a pole outside the water. There is a man holding the pole. If you eat the meat, the hook will catch in your jaw and the man will pull you out of the water. He will cut you open with a knife, roast you on a fire and eat you. Then he will throw your remains to his cat.”

The young fish stopped.

The two of them swam away.

But when the young fish was alone, he thought to himself, “Let me investigate for myself how accurate these claims are.”

He went back to the meat, swam around it, above and below it.

He swam as far as he could in widening circles around the meat.

After a long search, he said to himself, “I’ve looked far and wide, and I haven’t found any sign of a man, a pole, a knife, a fire or a cat. In fact, I’ve found no trace of anything outside this water we live in. These must just be stories.”

He went back to the meat and ate it.

The hook caught in his jaw, he felt himself being yanked out of the water.

He saw a pole, a man and a knife, but at that point his knowledge was useless.

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Mulla Nasruddin: The Older Wife

November 26th, 2009 No comments


Mulla Nasruddin had two wives, one much older than the other.

“Which of us do you love the most?” asked the older wife one day.

“I love you both the same,” answered Nasreddin, wisely.

Not satisfied with this answer, the older wife continued, “If the two of us wives fell out of a boat, which one of us would you rescue first?”

“Well,” replied Nasreddin, “you can swim a little, can’t you?”

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The Success Story

October 19th, 2009 No comments

At Age 4…… Success is….. Not peeing in your pants
في عمر 4…….. النجاح هو….. عدم التبوّل في ملابسك

At Age 6…… Success is….. Finding your way home – From school
في عمر 6…….. النجاح هو….. إيجاد طريقك للبيت – من المدرسة

At Age 12…. Success is… Having friends
في عمر 12…… النجاح هو….. لديك أصدقاء

At Age 18…. Success is…. Having a driver’s license
في عمر 18…… النجاح هو….. الحصول على رخصة قيادة

At Age 20….. Success is … Having money
في عمر 20…… النجاح هو….. الحصول على المال

At Age 35…… Success is… Having money
في عمر 35…… النجاح هو….. الحصول على المال

At Age 45…..Success is… Having money
في عمر 45…… النجاح هو….. الحصول على المال

At Age 55…… Success is… Having money
في عمر 55…… النجاح هو….. الحصول على المال

At Age 60……Success is…. Having money
في عمر 60…… النجاح هو….. الحصول على المال

At Age 65….. Success is… Keeping a driver’s license
في عمر 65…… النجاح هو….. استمرار مفعول رخصة القيادة

At Age 70…..Success is… Having friends
في عمر 70…… النجاح هو….. لديك أصدقاء

At Age 75…..Success is … Finding your way home – From anywhere
في عمر 75…… النجاح هو….. إيجاد طريقك للبيت – من أي مكان

At Age 80…..Success is… Not peeing in your pants
في عمر 80…… النجاح هو…… عدم التبوّل في ملابسك

هكذا هي الحياة…

أقل من أن نجري خلفها…

فاعمل لآخرتك,,,,

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Mahmoud’s Khatam Al-Quran

October 15th, 2009 No comments

Last Sat 4th Oct, we celebrated the khatam of Quran for Dr. Murshid's son Mahmoud. Dr. Shafiq-Ur-Rahman gave some words of reminder. He encourages parents to start the process of hifz of Quran for their children as early as 6 years old as he has done this past Ramadhan with his son Hizam.
The following is the recording of the event.

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Hizam (age 6) recites the quran

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Dr. Shafiq short talk

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Mahmoud recites the quran

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Dr. Idries comments

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Dr. Shafiq closing dua

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The Shrine

October 15th, 2009 No comments


Mulla Nasrudin’s father was the highly-respected keeper of a shrine, the burial-place of a great teacher which was a place of pligrimage attracting the credulous and the Seekers After Truth alike.

In the usual course of events, Nasrudin could be expected to inherit this position. But soon after his fifteenth year, when he was considered to be a man, he decided to follow the ancient maxim: ‘Seek knowledge, even if it be in China.’

‘I will not try to prevent you, my son,’ said his father. So Nasrudin saddled a donkey and set off on his travels.

He visited the lands of Egypt and Babylon, roamed in the Arabian Desert, struck northward to Iconium, to Bokhara, Samarkand and the Hindu-Kush mountains, consorting with dervishes and always heading towards the farthest East.
Nasrudin was struggling across the mountain ranges in Kashmir after a detour through Little Tibet when, overcome by the rarefied atmosphere and privations, his donkey laid down and died.

Nasrudin was overcome with grief; for this was the only constant companion of his journeyings, which had covered a period of a dozen years or more. Heartbroken, he buried his friend and raised a simple mound over the grave. There he remained in silent meditation; the towering mountains above him, and the rushing torrents below.

Before very long people who were taking the mountain road between India and Central Asia, China and the shrines of Turkestan, observed this lonely figure: alternately weeping at his loss and gazing across the valleys of Kashmir.

‘This must indeed be the grave of a holy man,’ they said to one another; ‘and a man of no mean accomplishments, if his disciple mourns him thus. Why he has been here for many months, and his grief shows no sign of abating.’

Presently a rich man passed, and gave orders for a dome and shrine to be erected on the spot, as a pious act. Other pilgrims terraced the mountainside and planted crops whose produce went to he upkeep of the shrine. The fame of the Silent Mourning Dervish spread until Nasrudin’s father came to hear of it. He at once set off on a pilgrimage to the sanctified spot. When he saw Nasrudin he asked him what had happened. Nasrudin told him. The old dervish raised his hands in amazement:

‘Know, O my son,’ he exclaimed, ‘that the shrine where you were brought up and which you abandoned was raised in exactly the same manner, by a similar chain of events, when my own donkey died, over thirty years ago.

Caravan of Dreams-Idries Shah


October 2nd, 2009 No comments

The Caravan of Pride (Mawkeb-ul Abaa) is an eye-opening movie which skilfully portrays the heart wrenching series of events that unfolded after the martyrdom of Imam Hussain. After the massacre which took place on the plains of Karbala, the remaining members of the Family of the Holy Prophet (saw), who were not killed in the war, were taken captive and paraded in a humiliating and degrading fashion from Kufa (Iraq) to Shaam (Syria).

After the Caravan were paraded through the most difficult of conditions, underwent the most excruciating pain and were afflicted with the greatest of torments, they were finally brought to Yazids Palace in Damascus, Syria. It was here, in the very stronghold of Yazid, that the light of Truth pierced through the dark veils of ignorance Satan had thrown over the eyes of the Muslim masses, it was here, under the eternally damned eyes of the tyrant Yazid, that Syeda Zainab, the daughter of the ever victorious Lion of Allah, Ali ibne abi-Talib, delivered a unparalleled, pivotal and crucial sermon which awoke the people of Damascus from their deep slumber of heedlessness and shook the foundation of the Umayyad Dynasty, sending it crumbling to the ground. It was here, that Imam Zain ul-Abideen, in such magnificent words of eloquence, informed the people of Damascus who exactly it was they were oppressing by telling them the relationship he holds with the Holy Prophet, his great grandfather. Thus was the revolution of Imam Hussain completed, a revolution against injustice, a revolution against tyranny, a revolution seeking honour over humiliation, truth over falsehood, courage over fright, righteousness over immorality, knowledge over ignorance, a revolution whose shockwaves continue to resonate thousands of years later, and a revolution, an eternal stand against corruption, which proves to be the source of inspiration for humanity at whole…
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