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Bilal Assad-Fasting from one´s desires

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Question & Answers

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Islam & The West

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Two profound historical forces continue to inform contemporary anti-Western discourse: colonialism and globalization. In the past, Muslim discourse worked from a secure civilization hub that dominated the Middle East and its surrounding regions. Today, what was once the heart of the Muslim world is not only rive with political ills — but for all sorts of reasons in the post colonial era, Muslims have lost confidence as a cultural and civilization force.

Today, the world over, Muslims see themselves as being perpetually wronged. This notion is precipitated by the fact that there is a tremendous amount of injustice in majority of the Muslim world. It is rank with political corruption, economic stagnation, tyrannical oppression, abject poverty, and lack of education. Muslims have been the victims of colonization, military occupation, genocide, hunger, pestilence and war. Most of the world’s refugees are Muslims.

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Moulana Suleman Moola – Various Lectures

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Small collection of non drowsy talks by Moulana Moola

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A must read for all hadramis, especially if you are from Tarim. This pdf file documents UNESCO’s efforts to preserve the mud brick mansions in Tarim which is in the World Heritage list. The document includes some pictures of the mansions concerned. Looks like Bayt Mugam AlHaddad made it on the list.

Tarim is characterized by its forty-one-meter-tall unreinforced mudbrick minaret, al-Mihdhar, the tallest minaret on the Arabian Peninsula (Fig. 6). Tarim is also well known for its al-Awqaf Manuscript Library. However, perhaps more than anything else, Tarim is identified with its collection of eclectic mudbrick mansions, the legacy of a wealthy merchant class.9 Built in the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries, the mansions interpret imported colonial styles (Neo-Classical, Mughal, Baroque, Rococo, Art Nouveau and Art Deco) in the local construction technology of load-bearing mudbrick and lime plaster. These highly decorated edifices bear testimony to the ingenuity of
Tarimi masons, carpenters and lime craftsmen, the latter still considered the most accomplished in the Hadhramaut region. The significance of the Tarimi mansions lies in their collective representation of a period of time when there was extensive interaction with the Indian Ocean trade routes and Southeast Asia, and their outstanding technical and artistic achievement.

click on the “read the rest of this entry” to preview some pics.

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Ziaullah Khan – The Ideal Muslim Man

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Ziaullah Khan – Troubled Youth, Parental Discretion is Advised

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Use link below to download to your iPod. (right-click and save link as or save target as)

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Ziaullah Khan – Purification of the Soul

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Wadi Hadramaut – The Architecture of Mud

August 15th, 2008 1 comment

This is a preview of a documentary of the same title. Get more info on it here.

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Asma Ul Husna – The 99 Names of Allah

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Altaf Husain – Contemporary Challenges in Trying to Get Married

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