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Muslims Condemn Terrorist Attacks

August 22nd, 2010 No comments

This page focuses on condemnations of the 9/11 terrorist attacks and other terrorist incidents since then as well as of terrorism in general. It is not a complete listing of all condemnations written or spoken by Muslims but is intended to provide a representative sample.

It has often been claimed in the media that Muslims are “silent” and do not condemn terrorism. This page is intended to refute that claim. Muslims have not been silent. Not even close.

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Dua For Refinement Of The Heart

August 3rd, 2010 20 comments

The following is a prayer by the great gnostic and caller to Islam, Imam Abdullah ibn ‘Alawi al-Haddad (may Allah have mercy and be well-pleased with him):

اَللّهُمَّ أعِنِّي وَ اهْدِنِي وَ وَفِّقْنِي لِتَهذِيبِ أخْلاقِ نَفْسي وَ تَلْطِيفِ كَثافَتِها بِالرَّياضَةِ البالِغَةِ الماحِقَةِ لِلرُّعوناتِ النَّفْسِيَّةِ ألٌلقاهِرَةِ لِلحُظوظِ الشَّهْوانِيَّةِ المُزَيَّنَةِ بِالحُضورِ الدَّائمِ مَعَ اللَّهِ عَزَّ وَ جَلَّ وَ وَصْفِ حُسْنِ الأدَبِ عَلى بِساطَ الذِلَّةِ وَ الاِنْكِسارِ والاِفْتِقارِ وَ الاِضْطِرارِ تَحْقِيقاً لِلْعُبوديَّةِ وَ وفاءً بِحَقِّ الرُّبُوبيَّةِ إنَّكَ عَلى كُلِّ شَيْءٍ قَدير

O Allah! aid, guide and grant me (tawfiq) success to refine the qualities of my soul and clarify its density; through spiritual exertion that overcomes and effaces egoistic (nafsi) frivolities and subdues desirous motives; which is adorned by constant presence with Allah, Mighty and Majestic and the quality of good manners on the carpet of lowliness, brokenness, poverty and absolute need; thus realizing slavehood and fulfilling the rights of Lordship. Indeed you have power over all things.

taken from the blog of Abdul Karim Yahya

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Islamic perspective of the Christian doctrine of the Crucifixion of Christ

August 2nd, 2010 No comments

This Khutbah was delivered by Dr. Umar Faruq Abd’Allah, scholar in residence at the Nawawi Foundation in Chicago. It was delivered at the compound of the Muslim Youth Organization (MYO) in Georgetown, Guyana, on April 2. Given that it was ‘Good Friday’ Dr. Umar decided to address the topic of the Islamic perspective of the Christian doctrine of the Crucifixion of Christ. The Khutbah was given at the request of the Central Islamic Organization of Guyana (CIOG) and the executive of Queenstown Jama Masjid. Because the Masjid is being reconstructed MYO is the temporary home for its Jumu’ah Khutbah.

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