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Working People’s Needs

September 15th, 2009 1 comment


There are several things that working people need to do. Every morning when leaving the home for work, they should make a firm vow with God. They should resolve to forgive anyone who misbehaves with them along the day’s route, for the marketplace is the realm of dispute and lawsuit. For this reason, the Prophet has said, “Who among you is unable to act just like Abu Damdam? Every day upon leaving his house he would say, ‘Dear God, for my charity I give offering of turning away from whatever other Muslims do against me.” Before leaving home, the working person should make ablutions and pray, asking God to keep him or her safe and sound upon leaving. For nobody knows what is going to happen to you when you step outside. Going to the marketplace is like going to the battlefield. The believer should wear the armor of seeking protection with and trusting that God alone can ward off the shots of enemies. Whoever turns to God for protection, God guides to a straight and level path. And also, Whoever entrusts to God every concern, God is their reward.

As they leave home, working people should place their families, their homes and all their belongings in the care of God. They are not capable of preserving all they leave behind from harm. Let them remember Divine Speech: For God is the best preserver, and God is the most compassionate of those who care. Let them remember the Prophet’s petition, “O God, you are the companion during travels and the care-taker of the family, children and property left behind.” If working people place all this in the care of God, then there is hope that when they return they will find everything in order as they expect and desire. Once a Sufi went on a trip and left his wife when she was pregnant. As he was setting out, he said, ‘O God, in your care I place that which is in her womb.’ During his absence, his wife died. When he returned, he inquired about his wife, and was told that she died while giving birth. That night, he perceived a light glowing in the graveyard and went outside to follow it. He found that the light was emanating from his wife’s grave. In it, he saw her with a little child suckling at her breast. A voice called to him, “You placed the child in her womb in Our care, so now you have got it. Had you placed them both in Our care, you might have gotten them both together!”
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