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The Story of the Blacksmith

September 2nd, 2009 No comments


“There was a blacksmith who was unjustly imprisoned and who miraculously escaped. Many years later when he was asked how he had escaped, he said that when he was in prison his wife, who was a weaver, had woven the design of the lock to his prison cell into his prayer rug. Realizing that the prayer rug contained the design of his cell’s lock, he made a deal with his jailer to get some tools to make some small artifacts, which the jailer then sold, for a profit. Meanwhile he also used the tools to make a key and one day he made his escape.”
From Idries Shah

God has already given us the key as has been said before. Man’s role is to realize that he is in the prison of the personality, and to understand the design of his particular cell.

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